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The Encoded Solutions NMEA-to-WIFI multiplexer


The Encoded Solutions NMEA-to-WIFI multiplexer is a complete, flexible, and inexpensive solution that allows you to combine your NMEA data from multiple instruments and share it via WIFI on multiple computers, tablets, or phones throughout your vessel!

The multiplexer is a WIFI access point that supports four WIFI client connections. It receives NMEA and AIS sentences on its four hard-wired NMEA inputs and transmits those sentences via WIFI to computers, tablets, phones, etc. that are connected to it via WIFI. It can simultaneously send the NMEA data directly to its hard-wired NMEA output.

For those who already have a WIFI network on their vessel, the multiplexer can also connect to that WIFI network as a client (while still fully supporting it's own four client connections) and send the NMEA sentences it receives to computers and devices that are connected to that network too.

Working in the other direction, the multiplexer can receive NMEA sentences from one or more computers that are connected to it via WIFI (or connected to the WIFI network to which the multiplexer is connected as a client) and forward those sentences to its hard-wired NMEA output port.

The easy-to-use setup page gives you full control over the settings of the multiplexer, and the distribution of your NMEA data. The setup page is accessed by using your internet browser while connected to the multiplexer's WIFI.

The system diagram shows how this powerful and flexible multiplexer makes your NMEA data available throughout your vessel. Click on the thumbnail below to see the full-sized diagram.


The Encoded Solutions NMEA-to-WIFI multiplexer:

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